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Located in the heart of La Gonave Island is a beautiful city called Anse-A-Galets teeming with passion and life.  Blurred in between the lines of life in the city are the lives of many children who are malnourished, uneducated and underprivileged. With the direction of Jesus, IMofH desires are filling the needs by providing a campus that is sheltering, feed, and educate over 300 children. The whole project is divided into three phases.


Phase I

 Consisted of a property, constructed a storage facility and perimeter fence and installed a well system.


Phase II
Consisted of constructed a church building, a cafeteria, and school building for the primary/secondary and technical schools. 


Phase III
Will consists of constructing the Nursing Station, Energy System with Facilities, Athletic Courts and Playground. 


The church will be the focal point of the campus and the entire community.  Below is a rough schematic of the vision for the church and details will be completed by an architect.  The name of the church is Hope Baptist Church


School / Training Center

The school is providing primary and secondary educational for young children and technical education for the older children who can in turn go and contribute to their respective communities. The name of the school is Guerrier Institute and Training Center.


The cafeteria is providing a place for feeding the community and a place for the children and staff to eat. 



The campus is requiring several buildings to support the community.  A storage facility is required to house the food, clothing, and supplies. A well and cistern is required to collect rain water to service the entire campus.  An energy system and facility to bring power to the campus and support the activities of the ministry. 



Management and Staff

The campus is incorporate various positions to support and maintain the operation of the mission.  The projected management and staff:







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